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AWS Config Delete Evaluation Results

Deletes the evaluation results for the specified Config rule.

AWS Config Describe Config Rule Evaluation Status

Returns status information for each of your AWS managed Config rules.

AWS Config Put Evaluations

Used by an AWS Lambda function to deliver evaluation results to AWS Config.

AWS Config Start Config Rules Evaluation

Runs an on-demand evaluation for the specified Config rules against the last known configuration state of the resources.

AWS Machine Learning Create Evaluation

Creates a new Evaluation of an MLModel.

AWS Machine Learning Delete Evaluation

Assigns the DELETED status to an Evaluation, rendering it unusable.

AWS Machine Learning Describe Evaluations

Returns a list of DescribeEvaluations that match the search criteria in the request.

AWS Machine Learning Get Evaluation

Returns an Evaluation that includes metadata as well as the current status of the Evaluation.

AWS Machine Learning Update Evaluation

Updates the EvaluationName of an Evaluation.

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